Every stakeholder taps powerful tools to measure, monitor, and manage their mediation programs and practices.

The basic Peacemaker platform provides mediators and attorneys with simple yet profound tools to optimize in-person, online, and hybrid mediations. By harnessing the data of the basic platform, Peacemaker Enterprise provides all stakeholders with groundbreaking information.

  1. Mediators, Mediation Firms, and Mediation Associations. Mediators typically do not track performance metrics, and if they do, the collection methods are antiquated and ineffective. Peacemaker Enterprise provides game-changing insight into every aspect of a mediation program and practice, sortable by location, date range, and mediator. Effortlessly track statistics concerning critical topics such as success rates, case type specialization, effort, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
  2. Corporations. Most companies spend approximately 2/3 of their litigation budget on settlement payments and only 1/3 on defense fees and costs. While there are myriad software programs to measure, monitor, and manage the one-third spend on fees and costs, there are no programs for the two-third spend on settling cases. Peacemaker Enterprise flips the narrative, providing automated tools to measure, monitor, and manage the negotiation table. At a more basic level, companies lack an effective method to track mediations in real-time, often leaving in-house counsel and adjustors out of touch with negotiations absent direct participation. Peacemaker ties company representatives directly into the negotiating table, providing real-time notice of every development.
  3. Attorneys and Law Firms. Few cases go to trial. Most cases settle. Yet, attorneys are exhaustively trained on trial preparation and practice with strikingly little attention given to mediation preparation and practice. Peacemaker Enterprise provides critical insight into negotiations, thereby providing attorneys and law firms with groundbreaking information to improve mediation preparation and practice.

Bottom Line: Peacemaker Enterprise allows every stakeholder to measure, monitor, and manage their mediation programs with pioneering data.