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Frequently Asked Questions

Only the mediator pays for an account. Peacemaker is free to the attorneys and their clients.

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Peacemaker requires confirmation before a party can send an offer to the mediator and before the mediator can forward an offer to the other party. The mediator can return an offer to the offering party without any notice to the other party. Parties cannot communicate with each other directly. Parties cannot share documents directly with each other. The mediator controls all offer exchanges and communications.

When defendants negotiate jointly by making collective offers to the plaintiff, the mediator creates one case. When defendants negotiate separately by making individual offers, the mediator creates a separate case for every defense group. It is easy to run multiple cases simultaneously during the mediation session.

Parties enter the dollar amount, type written terms, attach any related documents, click Send Offer, and click again to confirm.

Yes! Peacemaker is a web-based application that works on any device with an internet connection. Simply login at

You may cancel anytime. Your cancellation is effective at the expiration of your current month subscription.

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